Sex change?

I’ve read concerning information about children being given puberty blockers and have pondered with concern why we are advocating for and supporting cutting off body parts or mutilating body parts – from vasectomies to “sex change” surgeries. Sex change surgeries do not change a man into a woman, or vice versa – it simply removes body parts and/or genitalia and erases things. It doesn’t change the morphology inside, or the genetic markers. It is more concerning that this is being recommended for teenagers. The claims that if parents don’t affirm transgender feelings in their child, that the child is prone to suicide, is an opinion, and is not shown to be the case in studies conducted.

A courageous young lady spoke publicly that she and her parents were not given informed consent about gender transition surgeries and testosterone hormone therapy, and describes the lasting health complications she deals with daily.

I came across an interview with Walt Heyer, who attempted to become a woman in the 1980s as an adult, and then later regretted it, and did what he could to restore his body as a man. He has a lot of wisdom to share, and maintains a website called, and offers books such as Trans Life Survivors.

I don’t think anything can beat the wisdom of someone like Walt, who has gone through all of this. I think everyone who has pondered this topic needs to carefully consider what Walt is sharing in his interviews, books, the website above, and his own website. Both websites contain a lot of information to explore. He approaches the topic with his personal wisdom, and also the science available on this topic. You can hear the compassion and the peace Walt has. Check it out.

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Gender Dysphoria Exploitation and Malpractice

Dr. Vliet presents the tragic case of a young man coerced into permanent gender reassignment surgery from male to female, which has now prevented him from fulfilling his long-standing dream of being a father – and a better role model for his children than the abusive father he had.  Richard decided courageously to speak out publicly about his horrible ordeal at the hands of Kaiser Health System to help prevent such tragic outcomes for other patients. He goes on the record on America Out Loud with his attorney and his nurse and shares the truth of what his life has become since he was surgically castrated and now living with an artificially created “vagina” that has led to permanent medical complications and daily physical and emotional pain.  This is the ongoing tragedy of a political agenda that puts ideology ahead of proper medical-psychiatric care and treatment in the push to change men to women and women to men in violation of basic biological facts and in violation of medical ethics and standards of care. It is also the story of a courageous attorney and military veteran who has taken on the challenge of this lawsuit to stop such monstrous abuse of other patients.

Read the full article: Gender Dysphoria Exploitation and Malpractice

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