Electromagnetic Fields – Resources

Our technology has advanced extremely quickly, and because we didn’t all go to school for electrical engineering, the topic of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can seem impossible to truly grasp.  Aspects of this topic can be hard to embrace as real, rather, it is easier to view them as things which occur in sci-fi movies…not real life.

When we don’t understand something, the temptation to quickly dismiss it as fake or sensational can be strong.  Others find that the topic seems too complex to grasp.  But it is graspable.  Use these resources to quickly understand electromagnetic radiation.

You can find terminology and definitions at the bottom of this post.

Resources – The Basics

  • Baby Safe Project –  Dr. Hugh Taylor, head of OB-GYN at Yale has done some of the science, and has seen what happens to mice and their pups when exposed to wireless radiation, and has created the Baby Safe Project.
  • Scientific research laid out in the context of a presentationlink.
  • Scientific research –  categorized in an online repository – link.
  • Environmental Health TrustDr. Devra Davis is an epidemiologist, and nobel laureate for climate change.  She is passionate about the issue of EMFs, and brought a panel of experts to the Massachusetts legislature in 2015, and created a website called the Environmental Health Trust.
  • Wireless Education course (1/2 hour long) developed by folks in the U.K.  It teaches you the science and the risks and gives you a tip sheet for the medically recommended practices for wireless safety – $7.95 – link to course.
  • Film: Generation Zapped.  Excellent, non-threating, non-hysterical way to hear from doctors, scientists and patients regarding the risk – link.
  • Press release discussing the seven bills (there are now eight bills) brought to the Massachusetts legislature regarding wireless technology and safety concerns – link.
  • Study findings summary – cell phones cause cancer, by the Ramazzini Intstitute  in Italy – link.  (Report of final results regarding brain and heart tumors in Sprague-Dawley rats exposed from prenatal life until natural death to mobile phone radiofrequency field representative of a 1.8 GHz GSM base station environmental emission), L.Falcioni, et. al. 2018
  • WiFi – same biological harm as cell phones: Dr. Martin Pall’s 2018 paper, “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health,”  summarizes studies of the biological harm from wi-fi – link.

Resources – Further Information/Take Action



  • EM: electromagnetic
  • EMFs: Electromagnetic fields
  • EMR: electromagnetic radiation (also referred to as ‘Electrosmog’)
  • RF: radio frequency
  • EMI: electromagnetic interference (also referred to as ‘Dirty Electricity’)


  • Frequency: an aspect of EMFs we use to measure and describe EMFs (also known as wavelength)
  • Hertz (Hz): unit of measurement for a frequency (one cycle per second)
  • Magnetic Fields: a component of EMFs
  • Electric Fields: a component of EMFs
  • Radio frequency (RF): part of the EM spectrum (30Hz – 300 GHz)
  • Micro waves / Microwaves: part of the EM spectrum (300MHz – 300 GHz).  This spectrum overlaps the RF part of the spectrum and the infrared light part of the spectrum.

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