13 easy ways ways to reduce exposure to wireless radiation in your home

First, learn about what electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are.  This 1/2 hour Wireless Education course, ($7.95) is a great place to start.  This course was developed by Cece Doucette and her colleagues, for families, schools, administrators, public officials, and legislators.  Other resources are listed at the bottom of this post, including the Yale scientist-created Baby Safe Project.

We need to know how to safely use technology until safe, biologically compatible technology is brought to market.  

In addition to the 13 easy to way to reduce your exposure listed below, hire a professional Building Biology consultant to assess and remediate your home if you are not able to do it yourself.  If you want to do it yourself, there can be a long learning curve (follow the steps in How to Find a Healthy Home”).

If you’d rather watch a video than read the list below, visit this link to learn from Nick Pineault.

  1. Use an analog home phone and get rid of the DECT cordless phone.  You can plug the analog phone into your modem if you are getting digital phone service, or you can ask your utility to install a landline jack.
  2. Use your cell only when necessary.  Turn the cell off or on airplane mode except when you need to check in.
  3. You must not sleep with or next to your cell phone.  If you do, you are bound to forget to put it in airplane mode.  Instead, purchase a battery-powered alarm clock.  Leaving cell phones out of the bedrooms will only enhance your relationship with your spouse or children, and create more peace.  Nick Pineault has a great tutorial on this, which I pasted directly below. 

“…your phone has 4 different kinds of antennas in it, which can emit EMFs if activated:

  • Cellular antenna (3G, 4G, LTE)
  • GPS chip
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi

If you put your phone in Airplane Mode, this will NOT automatically turn off wifi and Bluetooth antennas.

The phone can technically be on Airplane Mode, and accidentally re-enable the WiFi or Bluetooth antennas. In that case your phone still emits EMFs 24/7 towards your body even while in Airplane mode.

On an iPhone, it would look like this:

(See how Airplane Mode is ON, but while Bluetooth is also ON?  This means your phone will emit EMFs even if you’re not connected to any Bluetooth device.)

If you want no EMF emissions from your phone, use Airplane Mode AND also make sure the wifi and Bluetooth functions are also off.

And to be 100% sure your phone is not emitting electromagnetic radiation, make sure to use a basic EMF meter – find meter brand/model recommendations here.

What about the GPS/location services?  The EMF levels that can be emitted by a GPS chip are next to undetectable compared to most background levels in cities.

4. Get ‘air tube’ earbuds for when you do have to use your cell: https://lessemf.com/cellphon.html#203 – warning these didn’t work well for me.

5. When using GPS for driving directions on your cell, set the course, and then turn your airplane mode ON.  The driving directions will still work — the program doesn’t need a wireless signal; it will work with the locator antenna alone.  Refer to instructions above to use airplane mode correctly. 

6. Reduce EMR in your computer workstation as Jeromy shows in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULV0jKXcnJo and in this article: https://www.emfanalysis.com/low-emf-internet-connection/

  • slow down higher frequency EMI coming from your router, thereby reducing the EMI coming to the computer, by interrupting your ethernet line from your modem with an ethernet switch rated at 10megabits per second.
  • ground the ethernet cord post switch with an ethernet ground adaptor – https://lessemf.com/computer.html#295-usb. test the receptacle you’re plugging into to make sure the receptacle itself is properly grounded, or run the grounding wire outside as Jeromy does in the video.
  • hard-wire your computer or laptop with a shielded ethernet cable: https://lessemf.com/computer.html#703
  • Hard-wire your iPad or iPhone using these instructions
  • Turn off the wireless signal (WiFi) in your internet modem/router.  To do this, call your internet provider, ask them for the IP address, type it into your browser, and change the wifi signal setting to ‘disable’.  

7. Stop using the microwave…get a toaster oven.

8. Use a safe baby monitor, or none at all. Find safe options here: https://www.emfanalysis.com/safe-baby-monitor/

9. Beware of wireless radiation in new, “smart” appliances.  As Jeromy of http://www.emfanalysis.com says: “Keep your older appliances or disable the “smart” functions in new appliances. Whether you have a new “smart” refrigerator, television, or car, they have wireless antennas in them that will constantly pulse microwave radiation.”  Check out his article which shows how to disable many of these items: https://www.emfanalysis.com/how-to-disable-smart-appliances/

10. Safely distribute the internet signal through your home VIA CABLES (not wireless!) if your home already has cable outlets built into the home.  Turn off the wireless signals in your router or get a modem that doesn’t even have wifi capability (best option).  Find more information about this here

11. Meet with your legislators, and bring the studies and reports in Cece Doucette’s online library, and tell them you don’t want Smart Meters on your home, neither from the gas or electric or water utility companies.  Smart meters invade our privacy breaking the Fourth Amendment.  You can read more about this here: https://smartgridawareness.org/2018/04/01/no-legal-basis-for-smart-meter-data-collection/.

12. in the meantime, shield your smart meter using one of the ways below, measuring before and after with a meter (find meter brand/model recommendations here).  If you don’t measure, you won’t know if your time and money is actually getting the job done, unless you are electro-hyper sensitive – I’m hoping you’re not!

13. In the words for Jeromy from http://www.emfanalysis.com: “Unfortunately, many multi-unit buildings now have ‘banks’ of wireless smart meters [see picture below].  If you live near a bank like this, your primary option is to move and find a safe home.  Some forward-thinking building owners in Calirfornia now require all tenants to opt-out [of smart meters].”  But many states don’t have even an opt-out option.  The first picture below is an analog utility meter, which measures the amount of electricity you use your home.  These are being replaced, and have already been replaced in many areas, with a digital ‘smart’ utility meter (also known as a 2-way AMI meter).

Taken from “How To Find a Healthy Home”


The following picture is what you will see in a multi-unit apartment building, or a larger building of condos, etc.  Each apartment/family has a utility meter to track their energy usage.  But each one of these ‘smart’ utility meters is pulsing erratic electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range.

Taken from “How To Find a Healthy Home”


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