Finding the seat belt of technology

30 years ago we didn’t wear seatbelts.  But now, we know better.  Just like there are safe ways to ride in a car with your seatbelt securely fastened, there are safe ways to design and use technology.  

Unfortunately, the telecommunications industry has not followed the regulations we do have in regards to allowable radiation levels emitted by cell phones, and the way we established safety testing in 1996 (yep, hasn’t been updated since then), are completely insufficient.

Now that the findings from the study conducted by the U.S. government federal agency’s National Toxicology Program has been released, there is no longer any way to deny the danger.

No one wants to sound crazy, and no one wants to be a fear-mongerer, but this is one topic where you can relax.  We need to stop being part of the crowd who says “oh yes, the Emperor’s clothes are so lovely!”

The research and science is clear – technologies that emit electromagnetic fields with frequencies in frequency way higher than the earth’s geomagnetic fields, and with wavelength shapes that are exacerbating to health, are cause for serious concern and we should be careful about which electromagnetic technologies we accept and use, as well as HOW we use them, and what safety standards we demand as consumers and users of technology.

Do we need to demand safer technologies which don’t disrupt cells or the human bio-field?   Why might some non-ionizing electromagnetic waves be healing (PEMF devices), whereas some are damaging?  Are we biased or stubborn so that we quickly accept information that electromagnetic technology can be healing, whereas criticism of technology is dismissed as quackery?  information about electromagnetic radiation is often obscured by contention, closed-mindedness, and lack of awareness.  Be prepared to be met with these attitudes regarding this, since it is beyond the realm of the current majority’s belief system or awareness.

We’ve all heard it from skeptics — “you are exposed to radiation from walking outside  or from the sun than you are exposed to from cell phones or other man-made devices.”  In order to find truthful information, you have to spend more than 3 seconds asking Google.   It was important to me to educate myself, and what I learned really surprised and shocked me.

One of the most surprising things I learned about is the ‘smart’ grid, enabled by ‘smart meters’ (2-way EMI meters installed on all homes by utility companies) and 5G network antennas (being installed everywhere – on street lamps, and on top of and on the side of apartment buildings and commercial spaces).

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 12.06.19 AM

For the common person, such as myself, this topic, filled with terms such as wavelength, frequency, magnetic fields, and so on, can seem impenetrable.  I felt like I would never understand it.  But with a little persistence, I began to slowly understand more and more, and I continue to learn.

  • Sub-Extremely Low Frequency.  When looking at the picture above (sorry about the low quality resolution), we can see at the far left, the the earth’s geomagnetic fields, which are always changing, from second to second, hour to hour, day to day, and year to year, ranges between 1 and 50 Hertz.
  • Extremely Low Frequency. You can see that alternating current lies on the border between this ‘natural’ range (between 1 and 50 Hz), and the range in which we utilize for most man-made technologies, starting with what we find in home electrical wiring, which is 50 Hertz in Europe, and the higher 60 Hertz in the United States.  As these are still above the natural frequency of the Earth, especially in the United States, they can really mess with our biology.  Especially when combined with electromagnetic interference and other issues that come from technology with issues and imperfections from the electricity generation facilities, and while the electricity works it’s way through substations and finally to your home.
  • Very Low Frequency, Radio frequency, and Microwaves.  These are the parts of the spectrum that contain frequencies which have been shown to be extremely damaging to our biology and within which lie most of our electrical devices and technologies.
  • Infared, Visible, and Ultra-violet Light.  Of course this is the part of the spectrum where sunlight fits in.  These are not harmful, but like most things in life, if you stay out too long, and overdo your exposure, you could get burned, which does cause oxidative stress in the body.  But sunlight is absolutely necessary to health, and our cells even directly use energy from the sun, as long as we’re eating our greens.
  • X-rays and Gamma Cosmic Rays.  As everyone knows, the things belonging to this part of the spectrum are very dangerous, such as x-rays, and radioactive materials.


Ionizing radiation (nuclear, gamma rays and x-rays) damages, or breaks, your DNA. Multiple x-rays are still proven to cause cancer, which is why so many precautions are taken in the hospital during an x-ray procedure.  Technically, the non-ionizing microwave radiation emitted by a cell phone or other wireless device doesn’t break your DNA, as it is non-ionizing.  Although it doesn’t damage DNA directly, Martin Pall discovered that non-ionizing radiation damages our DNA indirectly, via the voltage-gated calcium channels in our cells – the little ‘doors’ that lets calcium in or out (calcium shuttling), keeping the ‘door’ constantly open, resulting in excess calcium, and havoc within cells.   As with ionizing x-rays, each non-ionizing exposure causes an accumulation of DNA damage.

Nicolas Pinealt points out that German researchers used ‘comet assay’ to measure the DNA damage caused by 24 hours of cell phone use, and also the damage caused by 1,600 chest x-rays.  The researches found and how much it damages DNA.   They found that both scenarios resulted in equal amounts of DNA damage.   Studies like this are currently controversial topic to discuss in our society, but we should be looking at these things without bias or fear.

I don’t believe in the legitimacy of jewelry or stones or any thing claiming to ‘neutralize’ or ‘absorb’ EMR.  The only way one can logically deal with EMR is to eliminate the source, or block/shield it at the source.





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