Charitable donations – my picks

In order to effect change, we either have to actively work on the change, or we have to support those that do.  We have to put our money (at least some of it, where our mouth is), and we need to do it right now!

When a LOT of people donate a little, the result is a BIG pool of money!  Even $5 per org each year is not too little to make a difference.

Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association

Help Richard Mack educate and work with all of our county sheriffs in this country, to give them the information they need to stand in their power, and protect us once again.  This is a critical piece in restoring our country and our freedom.

The HighWIRE

Highwire needs your support – they’ve won lawsuits revealing that none of the 16 pediatric vaccines have been tested against placebo.  They are finding the truth – and we need to support them as they continue to fight for our medical freedom, through truth.

Farmer’s Footprint

Support this team helping conventional farmers transition to holistic regenerative farming, so that we can stop poisoning our food supply and losing our soil.

Savory Institute

They are teaching farmers all over the world how to graze their animals to mimic wild herds, thus regenerating the soil, and reversing desertification – turning our acres into lush productive beautiful places once again.

Beyond Pesticides

Help them stop the use of toxic pesticides in communities nationwide and put organic land management in place.  They advocate for policies to protect public health and the environment from toxic pesticides, challenge the chemical industry lobby and government malfeasance, and work in communities across the country.  Their breakthrough Tools for Change help identify the practices and products necessary to make the needed transition to sustainable, life-nurturing practices.  Their practical work with hardware stores to make the conversion to organic and our directories on pollinator-friendly seeds and nurseries and pest management services are driving the market away from toxic chemicals.  Their Products Compatible with Organic Landscape Management list and new Fertilizers Compatible with Organic Landscape Management list provides the kind of practical information that turns advocacy into action.

Green Science Policy

Continues to impact our lives by improving laws, eliminating unnecessary poisons from our products.

Institute for Responsible Technology

Has been a game changer in educating public and changing our cultural mindset regarding harmful GMOs.


Most advanced permaculture forum online.

Permaculture Research Institute (Zaytuna Farm)

Geoff Lawton is teaching us how to farm.

Savanna Institute

Developing the practice of silvopasture and agroforestry, which is the future.

Environmental Health Trust

Best resource when working with others to change our laws and policies regarding radiation, including 5G.

Fluride Action Network

  • Provide educational videos such as “Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation,” Jeremy Seifert’s “Our Daily Dose,” and Michael Connett’s “Ten Facts About Fluoride”
  • Provide local campaigners with a basic toolkit of how-to’s –  what to say and do to give yourself and your town the best chances to defeat fluoridation
  • Provide local campaigners with personal, individualized mentoring for their particular situations
  • Challenge fluoridationists in debates and media events all over the world
  • Provide professionals – scientists, physicians, dentists and public health workers – with the most up-to-date scientific research on fluoride found anywhere in the world
  • Translate critically important foreign research studies that don’t show up in U.S. publications because they’re not in English
  • Hold national conferences bringing together the top scientific and activist leaders in the world
  • Take the most complex, geeky, nerdy scientific information and put it into easy-to-understand language for the rest of us!
  • Update everyone on the latest fluoridation news from everywhere
  • Fight the good fight by organizing a coalition of other progressive organizations to petition the EPA to ban fluoridation – and when EPA refused, suing them for their continued denial of considering sound science – stay tuned!

Xerces Society

The Xerces Society is incredibly unique and specialized, conducting research on invertebrate wildlife, as an indicator of the health of our ecosystems, and thus, our societal stability (ecosytsems, food supply, environment).  They also develop tools to educate the public, change government policies, and tools to help farmers improve our ecosystems and their farm production.

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