Deodorant – Myth, Truth, & Safe Alternatives

The truth is that conventional deodorant is unhealthy for you, and unhealthy for the environment.  There are many harmful ingredients in deodorant and antiperspirants, but one of the most toxic (neurotoxic, actually), and which we absorb through our skin when we wear deodorant, is aluminum.  The mining and processing of aluminum ore is also extremely … Continue reading Deodorant – Myth, Truth, & Safe Alternatives

Navigating Life in a World in Love with Aluminum

Did you know that aluminum is an ingredient in rocket fuel?   Did you know it is added to deodorant, cosmetics, and sunscreen?  ...that is it sometimes used to make food cans or used to coat the inside of steel (tin) food cans?  Did you know virtually every cast iron or carbon steel pan company uses aluminum to sand … Continue reading Navigating Life in a World in Love with Aluminum