Pharma drugs, vaccines and GE products contaminated with animal cells and animal viruses.

Short version: yes, this has been occurring for many many decades.  Some measures may have been taken in 2014 to address some of these issues in some laboratories.  Judy Mikovitz has the deets on this and I’d like to find out more about the action that has allegedly been taken to solve this problem in some laboratories.

Drugs, vaccines, and genetically engineered foods are all contaminated with not only cells from a long list of animals, but also contaminated with the VIRUSES that plague these animals, and now plague us!

Not only that, but the same cell contamination has been occurring in our laboratories for many many decades, where they grow cells (hela) to use in scientific studies on cancer, and every other disease studied., published in Science Alert, 2017.

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Some humor amidst the tragedy: Peter Dockrill says above, that “This is very, very bad.” LOL, nice tagline!, Horbach, Halffman, 2017.

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Background: we use cells, some human (ex. hela), and many from a wide variety of animals (ex. monkey kidney cells, mice cells), and grow them in fermentation vats, for use in scientific research, drugs, vaccines, genetically engineered foods, and anything that require recombinant technology.

Scientists propagate these cells by the ton, in fermentation vats in the laboratories, by adding various chemicals and growth factors.  This is a large operation, the goes on continuously.  For example, they’ve grown 40 tons hela (Henrietta) cells like this.

The scientists believed that cells in various vats and petri dishes couldn’t cross-contaminate, unless they came into liquid contact with each other.  Now, the science is sharing the truth which has been known by the government since 2009 — that the cells in these various vats and petri dishes have been cross contaminating for many many decades, literally via the air.

For example, the hela cells, which are human cells that scientists took from a woman that had died of cancer a long time, and that they continue to propagate for a variety of purposes already mentioned, have been proven to contain cELLS from monkeys and mice.

Scientists think they’re using Henrietta’s cells, but they’re actually using Henrietta/monkey/mice cells.

Why does this matter?  Science is supposed to be final word, isn’t it?  Isn’t that because it is so exact, and so specific, and so sterile, and so controlled?

The article says that over 1/3 being used for all our scientific studies are contaminated, and the scientists don’t know.

They’re saying that it’s affecting the quality of our studies – 30,000 of them?  How far back does that take us?

Let’s take this to the next level now.

These hela cells, for example, that they continue to propagate for a variety of purposes already mentioned, have been proven to contain not only CELLS from monkeys and mice, but also VIRUSES from these monkies and mice, and many other animals.

Cell lines of all types, which are all cross-contaminated, were found a long time ago, and confirmed by the studies Judy Mikovitz and colleagues published in 2009.

The government calls these contaminated cell lines these adventitious agents.

Judy Mikovitz, who was one of the scientists of the 2009 published study that discovered and confirmed and published this cross contamination of cell lines, was jailed because she refused to say that she ‘made up the research’.  And she wouldn’t say she made it up, because it’s not made up!

She was never given a judge or a trial.  She was never told what she was jailed for.  Before she was jailed, her house was raided by a government agency and evidence of some kind of was planted.  Yet, she was never told what crime of which they were accusing her, or why she was jailed.  Eventually, they let her out of jail.

They didn’t want the information she published to ever receive anything but dismissal.  And how is it dismissed?  Because of her time in jail, and the efforts they’ve put forth to destroy her credibility and reputation.

Read her story: Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.59.16 AM.png

I find all of this very ironic.  The articles seem to say that scientists are unaware of this problem, that was confirmed and published by Judy Mikovitz alllll the way back in 2009. The scientists really don’t know after all this time?  And still don’t?  It’s hard to believe.  But then you read more ‘science’ off pubmed, and you see that it is indeed true that the scientists appear to have no idea what is wrong with their cell lines:, Klug, et. al, 2016

Adventitious Agents and Live Viral Vectored Vaccines: Considerations for Archiving Samples of Biological Materials for Retrospective Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.42.44 AM

“currently recommends testing has a good record for demonstrating absence of adventitious agents in vaccines”

And in the very next sentence: “there have been rare cases of adventitious agent detected in some licensed vaccines.  A recent notable event was that of the porcine circovirus in a rotavirus vaccine.”

You might assume, from this, that the contaminated cells the the initial article was referring to are DIFFERENT than the cell lines used in vaccines.

But, they’re not different.  They are exactly the same.

Judy believes that the cell and virus contamination in our vaccines, drugs, genetically engineered food, and now blood supply at blood banks, is causing disease.

Makes you think twice, huh?

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