Smallpox. No, the vaccine didn’t eradicate it.

in 1871 this was the prison where fathers who refused to vaccinate their babies and couldn’t afford the fines were incarcerated.

Information transcribed from Dr. Suzanne Humphrie’s talk ‘Smallpox Illusions with a few edits.

In 1871, the town of Leicester had 200,000 residents, no sewage system, no clean water and a 110% vaccination rate. Yes, some babies were vaccinated multiple times…just cuz.

Up until 1871, only 7 babies were not vaccinated and their fathers imprisoned. In 1871, one of the most severe epidemics of smallpox on record occurred, during an era of meticulously documented statistics, and following 33 years of official compulsory vaccination. 3,000 cases occurred, and 358 people died. Even though parents hated the vaccine and were horrified at the side effects and deaths, they believed the disease was worse than the vaccine. The 1871 epidemic put a stop to that thinking. People said ‘no, we are not going to sacrifice our children to a deadly and disgusting vaccine that doesn’t even work’.

The response to that was that officials wrote even stricter vaccination laws and appointed even more vaccination officers, because like today, the problem is not allowed to be the vaccine. They said the people just needed more doses. The prosecution in the town increased from 2 people in 1869 to over 1,100 in 1881, the total of the 12 years being 6,000. Of these, 64 had involved imprisonment, and 193 seizures of property to obtain money owed for fines.

By 1889 only 15% of babies were vaccinated, and number of parents in front of the court that this prison couldn’t hold them all. The courts were so clogged that hearing the cases became a legal impossibility. In 1889 110 districts had annulled compulsory vaccination because the majority of the people were anti-vaccine, which included 100 parliamentarians in the house of common.

1871 was not the start of the anti-vaccine movement…it started shortly after Jenner came out with his vaccine from horse or cowpox pus. Within a few years parents were disillusioned with the idea. Only 20 years after, parents were knew the sickness and death vaccines were causing in their perfectly healthy children. Doctors were reporting sepsis, skin disorders and actual smallpox in their well-vaccinated children…

…yet, the Jennerian Committee accused those doctors who dissented, and reported problems with their cowpox vaccine, misrepresenting cases.


The Jennerian Committee never answered the questions that the anti-vaccinators posed. Instead, they sneered and spat venom in the direction of anyone who doubted the vaccine process. This becomes obvious when you mine the medical literature of the time, but people today don’t bother to mine it. Instead they carry on the 200-year old tradition of bitterness, unfounded accusations, and utter nonsense about vaccine effectiveness and safety. We take out the historical record and attempt to insist on the truth.

The irony is that most that spread the soundbites that vaccines are safe haven’t a clue on where to research the realities on why the anti-vaccine movement ever came into being. The honest doctors of the past suffered the same fate that today’s doctors suffer when they speak about the injuries from vaccination.

In 2002…

Doctors were sent letters in 2003 asking them to vaccinate themselves with the revived smallpox vaccine, and strangely to prepare to attend to the needs of those who would experience ‘adverse effects’ (injury) from the small pox vaccine.

The better modern vaccine wasn’t looking so good..

They were also informed of already

Meanwhile behind closed doors at the CDC with the ACIP committee, Dr. Thomas Mack (the most experienced smallpox doctor alive) painted vehemently disagreed with the smallpox vaccination, and said: ‘even without vaccination, smallpox would have died out anyway’, and ‘to vaccinate Americans without vaccinia-immune globulin would be extremely dangerous.

Consider why parents rebelled against vaccination in the late 1880s. The image below was considered a well-vaccinated child’s arm. They lived in overcrowded cities with dirty water, no sterile dressing and no sewage system. Scarlet fever and typhoid were feared far more than smallpox.

Dr. Mack stated that a world-wide vaccination would cause immeasurable suffering to tens of thousands – and remember, this is in 2002, when we HAVE sterile bandages and modern medical care! Imagine the suffering caused by the gross vaccination methods of the 1800s in a dirty crowded town!

Dr. Mack told the ACIP why smallpox would never return, as it had disappeared due to economic development, not vaccines…

Dr. Mack then pointed out that there is substantial risk from vaccination, and that informed consent would have to tell people that risks EXCEEDED benefits. Most importantly, any reaction attributed to a smallpox vaccine would result in other people refusing it.

Who was Dr. Mack? Other than being a Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California (Keck School of Medicine)…

…he spent more time working up population-based outbreaks of smallpox than anyone else. With hands on experience that no one else had ever experienced.

His knowledge wasn’t palatable, I guess.

In an expert opinion in the Lancet attached to an article called “The ghost of pandemics past”, as well as at an international bioterrorism meeting, Dr. Mack stated that the public had been ‘poppycock’ in the form of three last ideas:

In 2016, a study showed 7.4 times more carditis in those vaccinated!

The author of the study, Mr. Voigt said “we don’t know why it happens!” They didn’t know in 2016, they didn’t know in the 1800s, and they don’t know now. Yet, they embrace it as collateral damage.

Edwin Cox, who was vaccinated as a child, was pro-vaccine and enthusiastically agreed to be re-vaccinated as an adult in 1868. The result of which turned him into an anti-vaccinationist. This is just one of many stories in historical literature.

When the doctors were asked why they were scared…the doctors replied with one word: “experience”.

So what is the “experience” these doctors were referring to? Dr. Dworetzky told us in 2002 what happened when well-vaccinated military troops in the 1940s suffered and died from smallpox. Everyone was surprised – shouldn’t the vaccine have stopped it?

In November 1944 the Lancet describes another 100 consecutive smallpox cases in another military hospital in service members that had been vaccinated more than enough times for smallpox.

Parents refused the vaccine in Leicester between 1800 and 1940s because they knew and experience the fact that smallpox vaccination maimed and killed their babies, and the medical profession as a general whole refused to admit it. Only the rich could afford nice headstones like the one below, but every country in the world from 1800 onward had an anti-vaccine movement, including India, Ceylon, and African countries. Everyone the vaccine ent, outraged parents followed, people rounded up and forcibly vaccinated. Yet today, we’re always asked “but what about the smallpox vaccine?” whenever vaccines are criticized.

The government said that they stopped injecting people with the smallpox vaccine in 1971, but pharma convinced doctors that the vaccine could be used as a treatment for warts and herpes!!!!!!!!!!

Those drug companies are always trying to find a “use” for ‘orphan’ drugs or ‘orphan’ vaccines….can’t let any profit go uncaptured, eh?

In 1978, 4.4 million doses of smallpox vaccine were used.



The smallpox vaccine was finally stopped in the 1980s after a 7-month old baby died following a smallpox vaccine to treat 3 months of recurrent herpes smallpox mouth ulcers. I’m amazed that vaccine zealots today say the smallpox vaccine was great.

The vaccine religious and brain-washed automatons think that contaminated cow-pox, horse grease, and mutant hybrid quasi-species strains of vaccinia jabs wiped out smallpox from the earth. They brush off mountains of evidence and choose to religiously believe in all vaccines.

They think that written and spoken words from hundreds of thousands of parents and politicians who squashed compulsory vaccination in 1889….was just a load of hysterical rubbish! ?

Just like back then, parents today see their children injured from vaccines. The reason the smallpox vaccination campaign never took place in 2003 was because they were too scared of the injuries and deaths.

Pictured above is the Vaxxed bus, which interviews parents of vaccine injured children.

In Leicester England millions of people remembered the names of maimed and dead babies, and came together in agreement, and over 100 politicians in the house of common, agreed to a conscientious exemption to smallpox vaccination.

There were hundreds of doctors and lawyers speaking out against vaccination in England and in the USA.

Dr. Creighton was asked to write about smallpox vaccination for the encyclopedia Brittanica. The information available to write was so ambiguous he had to dig the actual data himself which led him to an extensive review of the available literature. He concluded that the Jennerian vaccine was of no value at all, and wouldn’t prevent smallpox. He was ostracized for telling the truth.

Sir James Paget directed Dr. Edward Crookshank to Creighton’s work. Dr. Crokshank sought to expose Creighton as a fraud, but after he researched the information behind Creighton’s work, he published a 610-page book, AGREEING with Dr. Creighton!

Why don’t people ever ask what these doctors, along with the dissenting doctors today, have to gain from telling the truth? [answer: nothing, except integrity!]

It’s so ironic that those who claim anti-vaccinators have little intelligence, do not read the historical literature.

Dr. Humphrey reviews trailblazers like this who had the courage to do the right thing in her part 4 of her YouTube series Honesty & Policy.

Sir Graham Wilson was a highly regarded author and medical doctor.

He wrote a book called “The Hazards of Immunization” and went into detail about the fact that he would never have been able to write the book, without a former director of a vaccine company giving him massive records on various vaccine disasters on his deathbed. They were never discussed publicly or in any medical school for fear of compensation claims or of giving a ‘weapon’ to the anti-vaccinationists. Most doctors never knew the history was littered with more than just smallpox vaccine disasters.

The brainwashing in medical school leads to the ignorance and incapability of doctors debating an educated parent. Doctors are highly conditioned to highly believe and say that vaccine reactions are just a coincidence.

They might even believe this drivel coming out of the mouth of a current doctor saying that aluminum is an essential metal in the body! ummm, NO! It’s the LACK of aluminum in biology that has allowed life to develop on this earth!

or this…

WOW, despite the evidence to the contrary when cadavers are studied, where intense inflammatory profiles are found in those with autism…

…and in living breathing people with autism – see the colored areas in the bottom – these are the inflammatory lesions in those with autism that Dr. Offit says ‘don’t exist’.

The overwhelming evidence is why doctors are told to never give parents the vaccine data safety sheet that comes with every vaccine, and by default, doctors who push vaccine, have never read them either! They just perform according to accepted norms, collect their paychecks and carry on listening to the high priests like good little boys and girls.

…high prints like Dr. Robert Jacobson from the Mayo clinic explicitly tells doctors NOT to give information to parnets, and instead to persuadethtem instead of informing them, and even provided a tutorial on how to do so:

These doctors direct their patients to the most minimal information on the CDC website which is backed by little or no evidence.

Medical students and doctors are never taught about any prominent and respected doctors who rubbished the practice of vaccination — who compare it to the realm of ‘bloodletting’, calling it out as a faith, superstition, and charlatanry. ….who said that vaccination should die a quiet death…

“we are relieved that the general public is not curious enough to demand an inquest.”

Okell said that immunization of the masses had been undertaken with almost religious fervor. The enthusiasts rarely stop to wonder where it would all finish or whether the fulsome promises made to the public in the form of propaganda would ever be honored. without profound there can of course be no large-scale vaccination. But how perilous it is to mix up propound with scientific fact. If we boldly told the whole truth it is doubtful if the public would submit to vaccination.

When injecting a healthy individual with anything, we are always skating on thin ice.

If you knock them out in an effort to protect them form a disease there is no knowing they will ever get, but there is devil to pay.”

“To get to the truth of what really went wrong generally calls for the resources of something like a secret service.”

“A scapegoat must be found at all costs.”

Okell was greatly concerned about the – “the gradual extension of vaccinations to a number of diseases is rapidly bringing us to the stage where we have too much to choose from…should I be vaccinated against smallpox, diphtheria, and typhoid? Or shall I choose…

In 1938 they had old methods for cold and flu vaccination and a vaccination against scarlet fever, which was taken off the market because it caused so many reactions in the nurses and medical staff who it was trialed on.

“It is quite clear that if I don’t want to tattoo myself from head to foot with injections or come out in as many rashes as a chameleon I have got to stop somewhere. Can we ever abolish a human disease by mass vaccination?”

He points out vaccination should be a matter of personal choice, not minded by any law. Even though he was an expert in infectious diseases, who wrote a column for the Lancet, today Okell would be called a quack and a conspiracy theory.

There are more Creightons, Crookshanks, Wilsons and Okells coming out of the woodwork every day…..people today like Dr. Paul Thomas, Dr. Bob Zajac, and Dr.

Remember….it was the parents of Leicester, England who won the day in the 1800s…likewise, today it will be parents who win the day.

“Never in the history of medicine has there been produced so false a theory, such fraudulent assumptions such disastrous and damning results as have followed the practice of this disgusting rite. It is the ultima thule [highest degree attainable] of learned quackery and lacks the faintest shadow of a scientific basis. The fears of the whole people have been played upon as to the dangers of smallpox and the sure prevention by vaccination.

“The lifeblood of nations has become the cesspool of vaccinators, wherein they have poured the foul excretions from diseased beasts into a living creature. When a mad dog enters a community and bites a child, people rise up and demand the death of the creature. But the dog caused the death of one; the mad doctor, with his calf-lymph poisoned lance has caused the deaths of tens of thousands.

“The cause of vaccination is backed by ignorance. I am guilty of being part of it. I vaccinated for five years, ignorantly supposing that it was a preventive of smallpox [and other illness]. I took for granted what my medical teachers had affirmed. I came near being a murderer in my own family. For weeks, my son was in a stupor and in health crisis. I took a solemn oath that as long as I would live, I would never poison another human being with vaccine virus. I have kept my vow.

Confession of Dr. E.M. Ripley of Unionville, Connecticut in a public address.1900. You can find the book here; the quote was on page 300.

David Strong your comment: “And if vaccination isn’t effective, how did we wipe out smallpox?”

“Englishman John Thomas Biggs was the sanitary engineer for his town of Leicester and had to actively respond to outbreaks of smallpox. He quickly learned that the public health outcomes from sanitation vastly outweighed the impact of vaccination (where he saw dramatic vaccine injury and ineffectiveness). He wrote a definitive work in 1912, Leicester: Sanitation versus Vaccination.

More than one hundred years ago, Mr. Biggs discovered what the CDC reaffirmed in 2000: Nothing protects from infectious disease like proper sanitation. He explained:

“Leicester has furnished, both by precept and example, irrefutable proof of the capability and influence of Sanitation, not only in combating and controlling, but also in practically banishing infectious diseases from its midst. . . . A town newly planned on the most up-to-date principles of space and air, and adopting the “Leicester Method” of Sanitation, could bid defiance not to small-pox only, but to other infectious, if not to nearly all zymotic, diseases.”

As stated by Dr. Kass, the President of the Infectious Diseases Society of America in 1970:

“…we had accepted some half truths and had stopped searching for the whole truths. The principal half truths were that medical research had stamped out the great killers of the past —tuberculosis, diphtheria, pneumonia, puerperal sepsis, etc. —and that medical research and our superior system of medical care were major factors extending life expectancy, thus providing the American people with the highest level of health available in the world. That these are half truths is known but is perhaps not as well known as it should be.”

In 1977 Drs. McKinlay & McKinlay put data around Dr. Kass’ ideas, and showed that vaccines (and other medical interventions) were responsible for between 1-3.5% of the total decline in mortality since 1900.  

In 2000, CDC scientists reconfirmed all this data, but also provided more insight into the things that actually have led to declines in mortality.

echoed again in September 2000 in the journal Pediatrics and titled, “Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: Trends in the Health of Americans During the 20th Century,” epidemiologists from both Johns Hopkins and the Centers for Disease Control reaffirmed what we had already learned from McKinlay and McKinlay:

“nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.” Hence “vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century.”

The study went on to explain the things that actually were responsible for a massive decline in mortality:

“water treatment, food safety, organized solid waste disposal, and public education about hygienic practices.” Also, “improvements in crowding in US cities” played a major role. Clean water. Safe food. Nutrition. Plumbing. Hygiene. 


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