Food supply in America – issues & updates

The Biden administration has launched a technocratic war on America’s food supply and accelerating a global collapse in food production. This is being done by paying farmers NOT to grow food, ordering the Department of Agriculture to pursue a zero-growth policy, and placing restrictions on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking plants. On top of that, … Continue reading Food supply in America – issues & updates

Findings of fluoride neurotoxicity strengthened

The Fluoride Action Network has published the following press release.  Please share it by forwarding this email to friends and neighbors, and by sending the link to their online version to the news editors of the media outlets in your community, large and small (newspaper, radio, TV, online).   The NAS Strengthens Findings On Fluoride's Neurotoxicity The Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a non-profit group dedicated to education on fluoride's toxicity, finds … Continue reading Findings of fluoride neurotoxicity strengthened

NY State’s Dept. of Health –> fact-checked!

With all the 'fact-checking' that has taken place in recent 4 years, I am VERY happy to report that the ICAN organization has opened a can of REAL, whoop-ass fact-checking in the past year, and this most recent one is a great example...the New York State Dept. of Health was forced to remove misinformation about … Continue reading NY State’s Dept. of Health –> fact-checked!

NFL star Tom Brady warns against fluoride and EMFs

photo credit: Fluoride Action Network The Buccaneer’s quarterback Tom Brady knows what it takes to win...he should know as a now 7-time Super Bowl winner! At age 43, his achievements are unprecedented. He states in chapter seven of his 2019 NYT Bestselling book (The TB12 Method: How to Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, he shares he … Continue reading NFL star Tom Brady warns against fluoride and EMFs

More happiness through word choice?

When I was introduced to Non-Violent Compassionate (NVC) communication methodology several years ago, I became aware that the words we use have a huge effect. Unfortunately, over the years, I forgot most of what I learned through NVC. I want to revisit it because Covid-19 put a spotlight on the fact that instead of growing … Continue reading More happiness through word choice?

We are not evolving, we are malnourished

Some people claim that humans are 'evolving away from wisdom teeth' because we 'don't need them anymore'. This is WRONG. This wonderful interview with dentist Dr. Lin reviews key concepts related to cranial-facial development, and lack, thereof. Mainly....we are DEvolving due to malnourishment. Our jaws aren't growing anymore. What did Marilyn Monroe eat? Monroe … Continue reading We are not evolving, we are malnourished

Who is the biggest farmer in America?

Farmland TakeoverAccording to the newest issue of The Land Report...the largest farmer is Bill Gates, who quietly made himself the largest owner of farmland in the united States of America. Gates’ portfolio now comprises ~ 242,000 acres of American farmland and nearly 27,000 acres of other land across Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida, Washington and 18 other states. Seed TakeoverGates has … Continue reading Who is the biggest farmer in America?